The Instrument Workshop
Montage of Instruments made by Diabolus

My reputation as a luthier continues to grow. Commissions are coming in regularly from conservatoires, professional performers, students, re-enactors, and other early music obsessives all over the world. But if you fancy one of the lovely beasties below, my waiting list is still shorter than other luthiers'.

My reconstructions are based on the best evidence currently available. For many of the sixteenth century and later instruments, there are surviving examples in European museums which can be studied, and there is a fair amount of documentary evidence. Earlier instruments rely on rare survivials, illustrations, odd treatises and the constructional experience gained from work on later models.

I try to keep my prices affordable. I review them occasionally, to take account of inflation, my improving skills, the need for research and experimentation, the sad inevitablility of household bills, and my innate greed. I still get CUSTOMERS telling me I'm underpriced, so I'm clearly not overdoing it. If you've already ordered an instrument, and you notice the price has gone up - don't worry. You'll get your new toy at the old price.

To order, enquire, or if you're after something that's not listed, please contact me. I'll give you a quote on most stringy things except runner beans.

Information, pictures and sound clips are in the links below. If you prefer to browse a pdf catalogue,

CLICK HERE to view, or right-click to download and save. (WARNING - it's a big file because of all the pretty pictures.)


Cantigas Gittern Medieval Gittern
13th century "Cantigas" model
Martini Gittern Medieval Gittern
14th century "Martini" model
5-course Hans Oth Gittern Medieval Gittern
15th century "Hans Oth" model
Medival Koboz Medieval Koboz
Medieval Lute Medieval Lute
Medival Citole Medieval Citole
Renaissance Guitar Renaissance Guitar
6-course Vihuela Vihuela
7-course orpharion Orpharion
Baroque guitar Baroque guitar
Mandore Mandore
symphony Medieval Symphony
Luttrell Symphony Luttrell Symphony
Royal College Hurdy-gurdy Hurdy-gurdy
"Royal College" model
Rutland Organistrum Rutland Organistrum
(Yes, it's blue. Very blue.)
Pigsnout Psaltery Medieval Psaltery,
3 octave pigsnout
Cantigas Psaltery Medieval Psaltery
"Cantigas" model - budget and professional versions available
Medieval Dulcimer Medieval Dulcimer
17-string medieval lap harp Medieval Lap Harp
street-organ Street Organ
Polychord Polychord
The instruments above are the most recent, the most impressive or the most popular, but I'm open to other commissions.