Historical music played on authentic instruments by specialist musicians in period costume
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News, March 2017:

The Workshop is buzzing. I appear to have a reputation as a luthier now, which is scary. Orders for instruments, from all over the world, are arriving rather faster than I can produce them. My waiting list has extended to about 10 months. People keep bribing me to make instruments that aren't on the menu, so the menu grows. I'm looking forward to creating my first citole later this year.

We continue to perform regularly, mainly at private functions, but we do occasionally pop up at public events. 2016 saw us performing in Holland and Norway, at our beloved Aston Hall, and with Mr. Brunel in front of SS. Great Britain. I've also been dashing down to Bristol with my mate Ian, to provide 15th century music for the historical drama series The White Princess. This is the the sequel to The White Queen, which was very successful last year.

I've removed the Website Design section. I do still hack HTML, Javascript, PHP, and all that tech stuff, but it's usually embedded into custom standalone systems. I'm open to requests, though.

As always, if there's anything you spot on the site that needs immdediate attention, I generally respond to being poked. Just email me with *poke* in the subject line and I'll at least wake up and wonder who on earth poked me. paul@diabolus.org

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