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News, October 2015:
We've had a busy summer of performances, and bookings are coming in steadily. More instruments are appearing in the Workshop section, as prospective purchasers ask for interesting beasties that aren't on the list.

This year's most notable projects (so far) were :

  • A mandore (A what???) produced from a set of measurements that I took from an original in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Details are in the Workshop section.
  • A reproduction Jacobean cabinet for Selly Manor. Totally authentic 17th century carpentry, pegged mortice joints, hand-made nails, the lot. The only departure from 17th century practice is the touch-screen computer system built into it. It should be up and running about mid October.
  • A commission to record and film "The Ballad of St. Kenelm", a setting of a poem by Francis Brett Young, set to music by Andrew Downes. The third performance was in Bewdley on 11th October. I'm now editing all the footage. A composite DVD, compiled from the three performances, should be out by Christmas.
  • I've modernised the Photo Album, and added photos up to date. I'm still finding odd photos in the archive, so it will expand slowly.

    As always, if there's anything you spot on the site that needs immdediate attention, I generally respond to being poked. Just email me with *poke* in the subject line and I'll at least wake up and wonder who on earth poked me. paul@diabolus.org

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