Audio Clips

Here are a selection of small clips of Diabolus in action.

Most modern(ish) computer thingies will play the mp3 versions, but they're BIG (between 1Mb and 2Mb each for techies), and they'll take ages to download if you're on a steam-powered dialup connection.

The alternative is RealAudio format, which is much smaller, and starts playing before it's all downloaded. The downsides :

  1. You need to install the RealAudio player, if you don't already have it. Click here, and if you're penurous, scour the site for the free version. They hide it, because they want you to buy the commercial version with lots of enhancements you probably don't want.
  2. RealAudio is prone to stopping, stuttering, and server gremlins claiming they can't find the file. Oh, they can find it all right. They're just idle. That's the way with gremlins.

If you get heavy hassle, there's a third way. You can download all the RealAudio versions to your hard disc, and play them offline. Click Here for instructions.

Anyway, here are the juicy snippets :

An Almayne on Flemish shepherd's pipes and side drum RealAudio mp3
Ballo del fiore on tenor recorder and lute RealAudio mp3
Grimstock on hurdy-gurdy & renaissance guitar RealAudio mp3
All in a garden green on descant recorder & cittern RealAudio mp3
La Bella Gioiosa on hummelchen and cittern RealAudio mp3
Watkin's Ale on sopranino recorder and renaissance guitar RealAudio mp3
Mon Amy on soprano shawm & bass curtal RealAudio mp3
Thanks to the orc from Maplin's for dragging me away from Morrowind and making me do the mp3s.