Paul's Scrawls
MUSE Magazine shim My random but apparently entertaining writing has finally been internationally recognised. MUSE, a science and arts magzine for children, published in Illinois, USA, commissioned me to write an article on early instruments. They liked the result so much that I've become a regular contributor, supplying articles mainly on historical topics. To the end of 2006 :

Tudor Instruments

Harvington Hall


The Severn Bore

The Tower of London

British Celebrations

And some odd snippets such as Hot Pink Bunnies, Cheese Rolling, False Facts, captions for Jules Verne Puppets, a lullably for a stick insect, and probably others I've forgotten. More are in the pipeline.

MUSE fans - Click Here for Kokopelli's Tudor Music Page.

I was once commissioned by a theatre group to write a play about King Canute. Not many people can say that.

If anyone's looking for an author, and has a suitable wad of filthy lucre to bribe me away from practicing the curtal, I'm open to offers. Examples :

Advertising copy. I can extol a product in a rather more inventive manner than the usual blurb.
Articles on anything from 18th century watermills to the psychological impact of nanotechnology.
Technical manuals with intelligible text and apostrophes in the right places.
Custom Poetry. I specialise in anatomically correct sonnets, and I can usually produce a competent poem on any subject you like to throw at me. Something scurrilous for the annual office party, perhaps?