Diabolus in School
The Tudor Music Show
Diabolus in Musica

International chart hits from the 16th century, performed live, on a fascinating collection of authentic instruments, by professional musicians in period costume.

Entertaining (and sometimes gruesome) anecdotes about the lives of musicians in Tudor England, delivered in 16th century language.

Jolly singalongs - and dances, if you have the space.

Cross-curricular - we address multiple key stages, and core subjects including Music, History, English, Science, Design & Technology, Art & Design, Geography.

Performances are normally an hour, but we can adapt to suit your timetable. It's usually possible to fit at least three performances into a full day.

Our standard performances require two musicians, but we can provide up to four if we're all available. If your budget's really tight, a solo performance is possible.

See our Price List for current fees.