Price List

Webmaster's Note to persons calling in from beyond the shores of Old Blighty : If your browser happens to be set to a font which is only used for traditional Javanese temple chant notation, or even something really obscure, like American, you may get a strange character in front of the prices. What you're supposed to see is a sort of curly capital L with a cross through it. This is a British pound sign, pronounced "quid". All prices are in quid. There's no VAT to add, as whoever's currently ruining running the economy says we don't have to register until we get really rich.

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Please Note : Pictures and prices of instruments are now in the Workshop section.


  1 musician
(usually Paul)
2 musicians 3 musicians 4 musicians
Recitals & Concerts
(usually two 45-minute halves)
--- £485 £725 £970
Weddings, banquets,etc.
Up to 3 hours performance time within a 4 hour period.
We charge extra to play after 11:00 pm.
£275 £485 £725 £970
Daytime "Strolling minstrel" events
Up to 3 hours performance time within a 5 hour period.
£275 £485 £725 £970

Please note :

Victorian Band requires 4 musicians.

Tudor Ceilidh - 3 musicians, preferably 4.

School Presentations
Half day£230£350
Full day£350£550
These prices include everything except travel expenses. Please contact us for a quote including car juice. We are happy to negotiate discounts on multiple bookings.

Audio and Video Recording

Studio work is charged at £30 per hour. This includes the services of Paul as engineer to shovel coal and work the levers and valves. Recordings can be made at Diabolus HQ or on location.

Don't forget to allocate funds for editing. This can take more time than the recording, but it depends a lot on the nature of the material and how much tweaking is involved. Please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

A Cheste of Fyne Jewells

A Cheste of Fyne Jewells CD

The best of Diabolus in Musica on CD. All our favourite tunes to brighten your day.
If you live in Britain, it's £11 including postage. Other countries please enquire.
Cheques in Pounds Sterling, please (the official name for quids).
Send your name, address and a cheque made payable to Diabolus in Musica to :

Diabolus in Musica
21 Oakfield Avenue
West Midlands

Or, if you want to do things the new-fangled PayPal way, get your mouse to nibble one of these buttons :

Including delivery to the UK £11
Including delivery to mainland Europe £12
Including delivery to the USA £12.50
Other countries - please enquire