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Welcome to all you Musers who have headed straight for this page after reading my silly article, and to all the folks who have just dropped in by accident, or have nothing better to do. Here you will find a random selection of extra photos that didn't make it into the article (do you think Muse is made of paper? Well, yes, it is, but - oh, never mind), and some sound clips of various instruments in full flow. Most of the pics link to bigger versions if you've blown your eyesight with too many computer games and trying to surf the Web on a mobile phone. If in doubt, prod it with your mouse and see if it responds. And if you haven't had enough by the time you've scrolled to the bottom of this page, hit the half-timbered house and have a gander at the rest of the site. Kokopelli liked it. Not that that's any recommendation. Enjoy!

The Broken Consort
Classic Elizabethan jazz combo
Broken Consort Praetorius Broken Consort
A broken consort with their own private stage, complete with wall-mounted cistern. A DIY broken consort kit. You need this lot, six keen people, and a copy of Morley's Consort Lessons.
sound clip
A broken consort playing unbroken music.
Lots of lovely lutes
from my mate Martin's marvellous musical machine manufactory
My mate Martin 6 course lute 2 lutes
My mate Martin A 6 course lute Mommy & Baby Humbug Lutes
Bandora Orpharion Archlute
A Bandora An Orpharion An archlute
  sound clip  
  Pamsie playing a lute.  
My mate David puffing and twanging
My mate David with a trumpet My mate David with bagpipes My mate David with cat
My mate David playing renaissance trumpet. He's supposed to stand like that. It's traditional. My mate David playing renaissance bagpipes, using chimney pots as bass resonators. He built the gazebo, too. My mate David playing renaissance guitar to a singularly unimpressed cat, whose name is Cima. Or Tasso. I can never tell them apart.
sound clip sound clip
My mate David shows off on a cornett. My mate David and his mates the Abbey Band, otherwise known as the Heisenberg Consort (in-joke) playing a bit of Claudio Merulo on two cornets, curtal and sackbut.
Shawms, Curtals, Sackbutts
and other impolite devices
Diabolus playing shawms & curtal Shawms & Curtal The York Waits
Diabolus doing the shawm thing, and praying that the final bar arives before they explode. A motley collection of shawms and a curtal. The York Waits pumping out the big band sound.
sound clip sound clip
Demo of curtal and various shawms. Please excuse the tuning. Bad day. The York Waits at full blast.
The Dreaded Recorders
Recorders Praetorius recorders
A full(ish) set of recorders An even fuller set of recorders from 1618.
sound clip sound clip sound clip
Demo of various recorders. Two recorders in counterpoint. One of Morley's cool canzonets. Four recorders in counterpoint. Start of a fantasia by William Byrd. We never did manage to get past page 2.
Mike with Viol Serpent, lizard & cornett Gurdy Guts
My mate Mike playing a daddy viol, with mommy and baby viols cowering on the shelf behind. Serpent, lizard and cornett. The bigger you grow, the more twisted you get. The guts of a hurdy-gurdy. A geigenwerk werks the same way, but there's more of it.
sound clip sound clip
A full consort of viols being gloriously miserable, as is their wont. A nice bit of Orlando Gibbons. Some voices in counterpoint, singing something very silly, totally amazing, and French..
And, finally...
Clavicytherium Geigenwerk
A Clavicytherium.... And a Geigenwerk. Told you they existed.
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