Television from 1977
1977 televison
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1970s Bus
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In 2007, most of the museums in the land organised exhibitions to mark the anniversary of the abolition of slavery. A group of museums and funding bodies in the Midlands realised that there was a danger of no-one doing anything else, and decided to create something different.

They went back 30 years to 1977, which held many memorable events such as the Queen's silver jubilee, the death of Elvis Presley, the opening of the first Star Wars film, and the launch of the Space Shuttle.

The "Museum on the Move" exhibition was housed in a large bus, and contained a host of historical information, artifacts and memorabilia. My job was to produce an animated video compilation of more artifacts that wouldn't fit (such as Spacehoppers), 1970s designs, and news headlines. I also created a mockup of a 1970s television to house the display screen.

The exhibition proved phenomenally popular with all ages, from schoolchildren to senior citizens. It was in constant demand by schools, museums and community groups.

Project information :

Sue Pope: 01299 250416