The Diabolus Waits
Costumed quartet holding shawms and a curtal

Diabolus in Musica are renowned for presenting exciting and entertaining performances of Elizabethan popular music, in gorgeous authentic costumes, interspersed with humorous ancedotes and audience participation. For clients who have the budget, we can expand to a full 4-part band of waits. This is an ideal concert format, as it opens up the vast, sophisticated repertoire of renaissance consort music. It is also excellent for any event that requires a touch of grandeur. We fully exploit the traditions of the original renaissance town bands, who could provide appropriate music for any setting, from court to church to tavern to street, on an impressive and constantly changing array of instruments.

Our main focus is on the glorious sonorities of the shawm and curtal consort, but we also play sackbutt, cornetti, recorders, bagpipes, renaissance guitar, hurdy-gurdy, and a few oddities. We occasionally sing. Our repertoire encompasses grand processional music, 'serious' consort music, arrangements of madrigals, chansons and motets, dance music, popular tunes, and ballads. The core of our repertoire is English, but we include pieces from all over Europe.

We have recently returned from a second successful appearance at the Medieval Festival in Hamar, Norway. This year, we played for the arrival of King Harald V and Queen Sonja, who were visiting the Festival, and we gave a concert in the Domkirkoedden (the amazing glass cathedral), which was very well received.

Here's a short list of favourite pieces, to give you an idea of the variety of our repertoire:

Pavan 'Lesquercade' and Galliard 'La Roque' Pub. Pierre Phalese
Fantazia a 4 William Byrd
Suite of Gavottes Michael Praetorius
Fine knacks for ladies John Dowland
Weep, O mine eyes John Bennet
Fair Phyllis John Farmer
Greensleeves Anon.
Suite of Rondes Pub. Pierre Attaingnant
Vecchie letrose Adrian Willaert
L'ultimo di de maggio Sebastian Festa
The Earl of Essex his Measures Inns of Court MS
Grimstock & Sellenger's Round Pub. John Playford
Pavan 'La Bataille' and Galliard 'La Bataille' Pub. Susato & Phalese
Il est bel et bon Pierre Passereau
Tomorrow the fox will come to town (to the tune of Trenchmore) Thomas Ravenscroft
Il bianco e dolce cigno Jacques Arcadelt
Ricercar XI Giovanni Bassano
The Quarter Brawls & The King's Dance & Ronde Pub. Tielman Susato
The Great Galleazzo (to the tune of Monsieur's Almaine) Thomas Deloney
Suite of Rondes pub. Tielman Susato
En Vray Amoure King Henry VIII (attrib.)
Pastime with good Companye King Henry VIII (attrib.)