Guide to Early Instruments

This section is under continuous development. I add bits as and when the inspiration strikes, or when I discover another fascinating and totally nerdy fact about some arcane and esoteric chordophone.

The information is all correct to the best of my knowledge, but most of it has come from my memory. Verifying every fact would involve a vast trawl through the available literature, which I don't have time to do. If anyone spots a glaring error, or wants to take issue with anything, please email me.

The Tudor Revolution
Strings & Courses
The Flute, Recorder, Whistle and Tabor Pipe
The Lute
Viols and Violins
The Guitar and Vihuela
The Cittern and Bandora
The Gittern and Citole
The Bagpipe
The Shawm and Curtal
The Crumhorn and Rackett
The Psaltery and Dulcimer
The Cornett (Link to David Jarratt-Knock's Cornett Pages)