Welcome to our Photo Gallery.

This is where we put pretty pictures of us playing at people. There are also images of some of the glorious mansions which have resounded to our delectable soundscapes, and a few slightly embarrassing photos of utterly bizarre events and locations which we wouldn't believe if we didn't have the pictures to prove it.

Alas, we don't have pictures of every event. By the time we've remembered the costumes, the instruments, the map, the name of the venue, the bride's name, enter by Gate Q and unload through the green security door, but park next to the combine harvester sheds, except for Saturday, when there are spaces free in the incinerator car park, and sundry other logistic considerations, we often forget the camera. And when we do remember it, we often don't get a chance to use it. So these are just the events that happened to have a willing bod who would point a portrait box at us.

Click on a year above to browse the photos. Enjoy!