The Tudor Ceilidh

The Tudor Ceilidh

The audience participation which we have always included in our performances has proved very popular, to the point where we were receiving an increasing number of requests for evenings based mainly around participation. So for clients whose main interest is in trying their hand at being Elizabethans, we have created The Tudor Ceilidh :

  • Three costumed musicians, playing on a crateful of interesting authentic instruments.

  • Lots of easy dances from the English and French courts, including the silly ones. You think The Birdie Song is embarrassing? Try the Branle des Chevaux from 1589.

  • Jolly ballads with easy choruses for everyone to join in.

  • Jests, theatrical happenings, fun and games.

  • Background music for people to relax when they’re breathless.

  • Paul, as compere and caller, holding things together and keeping people going in the right direction at roughly the right time. In Elizabethan language, which has to be heard to be believed.