Automata have always facinated me - from the lifelike and bewilderingly complex creations of the 18th century to the lunatic machines of Rowland Emett. I've always had a particular soft spot, though, for the gruesome, coin-operated "end of the pier" mechanical theatres, featuring executions, mummies, haunted houses, and all the familiar paraphernalia of bad horror films. They're sometimes laughably simple, but they have an artless charm.

Since I have the necessary skills, I decided to experiment with creating something similar. Equally creepy, but a little more cerebral, leaning towards the surreal rather than the gory. I've been working on small experimental projects for many years, but I've now finished my first fully working automaton. Welcome to The Nursery.


The Nursery

A number of people have asked to see the internal workings of the Nursery. if you're an obsessive automaton nerd, click here. If you want to continue to believe it's magic and preserve the creepy vibe, don't.