Historical music played on authentic instruments by specialist musicians in period costume
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News, May 2022:

The Plague at last seems to be receding in Britain, just as other problems emerge. People are looking for distraction, and what better distraction could there be than a bunch of preposterously costumed musicians, playing obsolete music at them? The bandwagon has come out of retirement, and we're dashing all over the country again.

The workshop is also running at full capacity. A small but worrying subsidence problem at Diabolus HQ caused a hiatus earlier this year, and threw out the production schedule. But that's all fixed, and I'm getting back on track now. Pretty beasties are finding their way to their new owners across the globe.

As always, if there's anything you spot on the site that needs immdediate attention, I generally respond to being poked. Just email me with *poke* in the subject line and I'll at least wake up and wonder who on earth poked me.paul@diabolus.org

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