Soprano Rebec
Soprano Rebec and Bow
Soprano Rebec

The rebec is a European development of the Arabic rabab. It emerged in the 11th century, and died out in the early 16th century. For most of its life, it was a small instrument, but larger sizes were made towards the end of the 15th century, and it enjoyed a brief spell as a consort instrument.

The Diabolus rebec is a typical 3-string model, based on various medieval illustrations. There is no firm evidence on tuning, so most people tune it in fifths, like a violin, or with a fourth and a fifth.

The soundboard is slightly curved, and there is no soundpost. The sound is characteristically "reedy". It blends well with drones, and is excellent for dance music.

The most common peg head shown in medieval illustrations is a simple flat plate, but there are a few illustrations of scroll pegboxes of varying complexity. I decided on a simple scroll, just because it looks pretty. The flat face on the end of the scroll can be a single piece of exotic wood, or can be inlaid.


Soprano Rebec, with bow
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