Download Instructions

WARNING - I've had problems with this page. I think it's now working, but if the big download button refuses to come out and play, please email me.

The following instructions apply to Win95/98/XP and Internet Explorer. Similar methods should be applicable to other browsers.
Click on the button to download a zipped archive of all the Diabolus clips in RealAudio format. The file size is about 1.8Mb.
You will be asked whether you want to Save the file or open it. Select Open (or "Run from current location"). When the file has finished downloading, it will immediately start the self-extraction process.
By default, it will create a directory called c:\diabolus , but you can change this if you wish.
When the extraction has finished, you have all the clips on your hard disk. You can close your telephone connection if you wish.
Open the diabolus directory (using My Computer, Windows Explorer, etc) and double-click on the file called audio.htm. This should open your browser, and display a page which will give you easy access to the clips. Don't forget add it to your browser's bookmarks (favourites) so that you can easily go back to it.
In the unlikely event that you decide that you've had enough of the Diabolus sound, you can simply delete the diabolus directory. There are no nasty entries in your registry, annoying shortcuts on your desktop, etc.

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